Friday, June 5, 2009

Rush week for Gangs?

So, I am standing outside with some of the other teachers at school this morning. We are checking kids pockets to make sure that they are not bringing any contraband into the school on the last day of school. One of the young men comes with his yearbook and about 12 markers in different colors for friends to sign his yearbook. We are very careful about kids displaying gang colors for our area at our school. So, one of the teachers comments on how he has a blue marker, red marker, purple marker and other different colors as a joke. Then he says, "What? Is it rush week for gangs?" Of course, this young man is one of the nicest, clean cut gentlemen in our school.

But, this got me thinking..... What would that look like?

Would there be a backyard bar-be-que? .....What about a "pool party" mixer for all to come and try them out before they commit? .....Would it do any good to put up signs in the neighborhood as advertisement telling exactly where those interested should go at a particular time to "get more information."

Really makes you think though..........

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  1. Give me a piece of gum... Put it in my mouth. Why is there still a wrapper on this. you expect me to chew a wrapper? Sullivan is a genius!