Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prize Shirt

This last week we have hosted a Band Camp for my students.  The purpose was to begin learning the "football" music for the Fall and to get the cobwebs off of our instruments before school begins in a few weeks.  We have had a great week with over 30 kids committing to come up to school for 3 hours and play their instrument rather than sit at home and play video games.  I'm really proud of them for being so dedicated.  As an incentive I told them that if they come to all 5 days they would get a prize for their effort.  I did not tell them at all what it would be.

So, I thought all summer, "What would be cool to a middle schooler that is affordable?"  My wonderful wife had a great idea that turned out to be amazing.  We will give them a shirt that looks like this:

With our great Tshirt companies offering affordable prices on shirts, it turned out to be a great thing that the kids will love.  I can then use these as incentives for the entire year.  Make District Band - get a shirt, Pass off all your scales - get a shirt, Earn "Good Discipline Points" - get a shirt, etc., etc., etc...

AND when they wear it on spirit shirt days at school and someone asks why they recieved the "Prize Shirt" they can tell what accomplishment they did to earn it.  I think it will be a really positive thing for the band this year!

I'm even to going need to earn my "Prize Shirt" this year by accomplishing something big - yet to be determined.