Thursday, June 16, 2011

"You've got to come hear this..."

I was thinking and dreaming today about what it would be like to have a band at a certain place where I could call my friends and supervisors to invite them to my rehearsal and say, "You've got to come hear this..." because the band is sounding and performing at such a high level. I've not had that so far in my career, but of course would love to experience that and I think I can have that at my current school in the coming years. I would love to have comments from anyone of you that has experienced that with a group.

But then the other side of me makes me ask, "Is it truly about that?" "Is that a worthy goal?" "Am I looking at it wrong?". (I so quickly doubt myself so much.) I wonder if I am setting myself up for failure or if I can hang on to those dreams until I achieve them.

I am excited about the potential that I have coming in the next year. It really challenges me to be even better to make sure each day is productive. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about this even while on summer vacation? Go figure...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of School Reflections

The end of every school year is an interesting time for me. I find myself genuinely excited to close a chapter and take a break. But at the same time I miss the rigor of doing what I really love best...teaching kids to appreciate music in their lives.

This year has especially been tough because I was at a new school. Sometimes learning "the ropes" about my new school got in the way of the ability to do my best teaching. So I look forward to next year and starting again. This time feeling more comfortable in my surroundings.

But at the same time how sweet is it that I am blessed with the chance to take a break to plan and grow as an educator. This summer I want to attend some workshops that my district has provided. I want to plan my bands webpage more fully and take time to make it great. I get a real chance to plan well the approach I will use to accomplish our goals as a band for next year.

Personally, I want to finish at least one composition of the 4-5 that I have started right now. There are some books I'd like to take in. I have new friends that I would love to play golf with or just go to that great burger joint that my friend Ben tells me about.

Most importantly, I get the chance to play with my boys and spend quality time with my wife before the craziness begins again in August.

What are your goals for summer break? I'd love to hear them.