Thursday, May 28, 2009

Near the end (of school that is)

Each year in the Education Industry (yes I said it right) we go through this interesting transition. It occurs sometime around mid-May and lasts until mid-June. If you're keeping track, that means we are in the middle of it right now. This transition is that of ending up our school year and beginning our summer vacation.
In my 11 years of teaching, I have experienced years in which this transition is very crisp and clean on the last day of the school year and then the first day without children. Other years, the two seasons sort of blend together, making it difficult to do either of them well. This time around, it is very much blended together.
Some factors that have made it so difficult to continue until the end of the year are as follows:
  1. We are still going, even though June starts next week. Come on already!
  2. We got a break just a few weeks ago (N1H1, Swine Flu, Pig Flu, Pork-Rind Flu or whatever break we want to call it) with beautiful weather. Can't I just stay home and play!
  3. This has been the by far busiest year of any of the 11 years. Good.....but extremely, excruciatingly busy. It is just time for a break!!
  4. I am just overwhelmingly tired. Tired of waking up each day. Tired of having to think. Tired of missing my family each day. Tired of stress. And a little tired of people (actually, alot tired of that).

However, in spite of all of this, I will endure as I have each and every year thus far. We will make it to the end of the school year and this summer will be a great time of reflection and of planning to do it again next year...... Go figure!

God has blessed this year through the victories, the mistakes and even the annoyances. I am stronger and wiser than I was a year ago. He will always get the credit for the times that things go well. He always has a purpose for when things do not go so well. And we all annoy sometimes.

In the end, I must remember each and everyday, that I am truly blessed!!

But, I still can't wait for this school year to be over..........


Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have some friends who had a first born son today. I am so excited for them. (Here's a shout out to the Fletchers!) This got me thinking about my two boys, James and Peter.

They are all boy, both of them. This evening, they had some sugar or something and were running around our small apartment in circles, following each other and yelling (and I mean yelling at the top of their voices) AUGHHHHHH!!! as they ran. It was both annoying and wonderful at the same time.

After a long day of work just after having an unexpect break and just a little taste of Summer Break a month early, the last thing I really wanted was noisy children screaming at the top of their voices. However, it was really great how they were interacting with each other. James loves his little brother more than just about anyone right now. Peter idolizes his big brother and wants to be around him whenever he gets a chance. (I know all of you older parents are laughing and saying, Yep, Yep, Yep.... that's what they do. But this is my first time and it is so much fun!)

The best part, though, was when they would be running around and then suddenly run smack into each other at close to full speed. Normally, a 22 month old child would be crying at that point. Not Peter, he just laughed and loved every minute of it. Then he'd get up and go again looking for more. Then, James begins to hide behind things and jump out to scare Peter. Again, normally a small child would be crying soon after falling face first on the floor from fear. But not Peter, he just laughs and gets up for more. They tell me that girls don't get so rowdy when they play, creating a little more quietness around the house. But I wouldn't trade my boys for anything right now. So, Jesse and Amy, I hope the same for you in a few years.

God has truly blessed both me and Lissa with our boys. I just hope I can be a great dad to them their whole lives. Especially, when they get to be big enough and I get old enough that they could beat me up without much effort.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joining the rest of the world

This is a monumental day for me. I have always been a bit behind the times on most everything. Some would say that I am behind on this, but those people just need to keep their mouths shut for now.

It was a big day when I finally joined Facebook at Christmas Day 2008. I "took the plunge" then after watching others (namely my wife and in-laws) make contact with their friends and family through the world of Facebook. I finally thought, that it seemed somewhat safe (that's important to me) and so I did it. In just over 4 months I have over 200 friends. Yes, I am one of those people who everyone seems to know.

It was also a big day when I finally got a cell phone back in 2004. Of course, everyone else had had a cell phone since the late 1990s. And I always get the upgrade to the next new "cool" phone after I see everyone else with them (or when they become cheaper).

So, I am now going to begin to blog at about the same time that others are getting a blog. Sometimes it will be nothing much more then boring (a lot like this first one) and other times I hope that you are entertained by my musings.

I hope you enjoy!