Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early iPhone Morning 2

Yes, I woke up last Friday morning at 4:00AM and went to the AT&T store before 5:00AM to wait in line for the new iPhone. (I have been planning for this for 3 months and was not intending to miss getting one on the day that they were finally coming out.) When I drove into the parking lot there was only one car that belonged to a worker (yes, he was there before me) and a Constable (ready to break up any riots that might insue in Flower Mound, TX I guess). So, I thought, "I'll wait a minute before I get my chair out and get in line". Then two teenage girls drove up and immediately got out of their car and went to sit by the front door.

So, I missed being the first person in line.

But, I went ahead and staked out my place and, (after some introductions) began to read my book. I got 2 paragraphs read and two teenage guys walk up. One was an Apple Freak and proceded to tell me how they had stayed up all night in anticapation for this wait, about all of his Apple gear, about his online business of buying and celling things (including the iPhone that he had a year ago, but wanted to try out the Blackberry Bold so he sold it and bought another one), and about his wonderful car that he loves so much (older car - "redone") and what all of his friends drive (Beemers, Mercedes and the like) and how he has trouble with the Flower Mound police because of his car. And he won't stop! I pulled out my computer (a Dell) to see if there would happen to be a wireless connection (I don't have the iPhone yet) and he goes off about how he "hates Windows" and Mac is the only true computer. At some point he is showing me (without my asking, mind you) all of the pictures of the things that he has sold on Ebay. Let's just say, I didn't read much of my book in the time that I waited. Oh and his friend was just there to be with him and hang out at 5AM. What a life!!

As I sat there and people joined the line, my friend Sarah got there and joined me allowing a little bit of a buffer from the conversations. About that time I learned that they were going to let those who had preordered ther phone to go in at 7AM and the others would have to wait until 10AM. So, I would be the first to buy the iPhone that day without preordering!! YEA! FIRST IN LINE FOR SOMETHING!!! Then we realized that there weren't that many people in line who had preordered. Surely they would take us in before 10AM and not make us sit in the heat for 3 hours.

Well, they did and at 7:30AM I walked in with hands raised into the air-conditioning and said (as a truly knowledgable iPhone user would say), "I'd like a 32 black".

It felt so good to be hip for just a few seconds.

From this point on, it was pretty anti-climactic as my helper tapped on her computer and set me up with my new iPhone. And after all of the wondering about if and when I would get my new iPhone, I was out of the store by 8:00AM on June 19, 2009... my life forever changed by my ability to search the web, check on traffic and weather, check my bank account, check sports scores, check email and my Facebook (and even make farting noises).... anywhere I happen to find myself at that moment. WOW!! I am in awe.

It was a great memory. And it's a great phone too!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Early iPhone Morning

Yes! I am planning to meet friends at 4:30 in the morning to wait in line for a new iPhone. Hopefully, it will be a positive experience. I'll let you know.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We had quite an evening last night with a 70 mile-per-hour wind come through our apartment complex tearing things apart as it went. At the front of our complex, the wall was torn off of the side of one building. Then I guess the walkways through the buildings diffused the force until it met up again at the back of the complex right on top of our building. The big tree next to our apartment (that provides great shade) was thinned out greatly by the wind. The chimneys were ripped off the top of our buildings. But here's the thing..... of the four chimneys on top of our building, ours was the only one that remained. It had only minor damage, but caused no leakage at all into our attic. God really provided protection for us that is unbelievable. I really can't explain it any other way. We had things on our back porch that included light canvas chairs and potted plants that were barely moved more than a few inches. Although, one of the plants was knocked on its side.

The other cool part was that we weren't even there when it all happened. We decided (rather quickly in fact) yesterday evening that we would run out to Walmart and take care of some errands before our trip to my sister-in-laws wedding in Longview. So while we are there we hear the big wind and the rain begin. I could tell it was rather violent, so we stayed for a little while in the safety of the Walmart until the rain passed. After it died down, we left and drove home. On our way, a friend from our apartments called to see if we were okay. We said, "Why would we not be?" They then told us that the apartments were hit pretty badly. So we then began to notice all of the trees down and debris laying on the road. On our arrival to apartments, it feels sort of like entering a war zone. (That seems a bit dramatic, but this is the first time we have really had such a thing happen to us. Usually, big storms pass us by to the north or south. This time it came right on top of our world.)

So, then begins the being cautious where you walk, the looking around in the rain at what was damaged and what was not, the checking on neighbors to make sure everyone is alright and the checking on my truck to see if I get to claim insurance. (I can't get rid of it yet) And we had those who checked on us to make sure we were okay after they saw our complex on the local news. Glad to know that God has given us such great friends! In the end we find that our world is fine and that God truly did spare us from the worst. It feels that the Isrealites with the blood on the door when the Angel came by (and knocked down chimneys?). We were spared. It serves as a reminder that God still watches over His children. Prasie be the Lord!

The last interesting element is that James and Peter were really kind of freaked out by the whole thing since there was debris all over the area around our apartment. A place that is usually safe for the them to play in. Then we had more storms throughout the night and morning with loud thunder and lightning. (James ended up on the floor of our bedroom during the night and Peter woke up crying after a loud crack.) James' whole world came crashing down it seems and we have talked alot about how God really did take care of us and will keep on taking care of us. Then, it really hit me this morning: If James was freaked out this much and we weren't even there when it happened, what would he be like if we had not needed to go run errands and we were there huddled in the closet of our upstairs apartment not knowing what was actually happening on top of us at that moment?

Again, "Thanks be to God our Father above who watches over His children!!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rush week for Gangs?

So, I am standing outside with some of the other teachers at school this morning. We are checking kids pockets to make sure that they are not bringing any contraband into the school on the last day of school. One of the young men comes with his yearbook and about 12 markers in different colors for friends to sign his yearbook. We are very careful about kids displaying gang colors for our area at our school. So, one of the teachers comments on how he has a blue marker, red marker, purple marker and other different colors as a joke. Then he says, "What? Is it rush week for gangs?" Of course, this young man is one of the nicest, clean cut gentlemen in our school.

But, this got me thinking..... What would that look like?

Would there be a backyard bar-be-que? .....What about a "pool party" mixer for all to come and try them out before they commit? .....Would it do any good to put up signs in the neighborhood as advertisement telling exactly where those interested should go at a particular time to "get more information."

Really makes you think though..........