Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We had a great time today at the beach in Galveston, TX. We got really sandy and a little sunburned. But doesn't that go with the whole experience anyway.

We went with some really great friends of ours that we only get to visit with maybe a few times a year. They are the Muirs. John is a band director and former colleague (and roommate as well) and Shannon is a friend from high school that is such a blessing to Lissa. It's always fun to be with them because there is no pretense. They "get" us like no other people do. And we usually talk music and politics which always is just fun to do.

But I digress ....

We did silly things in the sand like make castles and homes for hermit crabs. Peter's favorite game was to watch me spend lots of effort on building a sand mold of a tower or little turtle figurine and then immediatey say "Ohhhh!" and step on it ala Gonzilla back in the day. (Fortunately they were small molds.) Then I covered my legs in sandy mud and caught some waves in the choppy .... umm .... "sea" at Galveston. It was a PHUNN time had by all.

Then we were able to clean off at the public showers, pack the kids in the car, drive down the Seawall and gawk at the subtle changes that are present since Hurricane Ike a year ago and make our way back to my mother's home in Conroe. It was a great day!



  1. Yay, that sounds like fun!! I miss going to Galveston. We were visiting our friends last weekend who are like that, unfortunately they're moving to TX! Glad y'all are havin' fun.

  2. :D :D Glad y'all had fun in Galveston; I'm glad Peter is old enough to really enjoy it now. I hope I can tag along next summer!